Vordingborg is an old royal city - at Vordingborg Castle, founded by King Valdemar the Great around the year 1160, Valdemar the Great, Valdemar Victory and Valdemar Atterdag all lived. And Queen Margrete the 1st, put on her children's shoes at the castle.

The best preserved part of the castle is the Goose Tower, which is still in full splendor with a gold goose as the tip of the 26 meter high tower. The old ring wall around the castle can also still be seen. Danmarks Borgcenter, located on the ruins has made sure you can experience how the entire castle was built in an interactive version. This is done as a visitor to the Borgcenter can rent an iPad, which can show how it looked while walking around the terrain and at the same time hear in the headphones the story of the different areas. A commendable experience that has garnered much recognition. Read e.g. The policy review of the experience here.


Over time, Vordingborg has housed several large companies. From 1946 to 2000, the well-known melt cheese company Buko was located in Vordingborg. MD Foods bought the company in 2000 and it meant a merger with other production sites and the company's era in Vordingborg was over.

Panther Plast was another big company in Vordingborg - here plastic products were produced for the industry. In 2010 it was the end of the factory that had existed since 1933. When the factory was founded it was called the Nordic Comb Factory, but in 1958 it changed its name to Panther Plast. Subsequently, part of the company was taken over and is now being continued in the company Neptun Plast, which is also located in the Vordingborg area.

Today, the most well-known company in Vordingborg is probably the Vordingborg Kitchen, which also has a long history behind it. There is no production of kitchen elements in Vordingborg anymore, but the company's head office is in Vordingborg.

DGI Huset Vordingborg

Some of the buildings from the former Panther Plast have been rebuilt and turned into DGI Huset Vordingborg. A new gathering place for all kinds of activists - sports, culture and many other kinds of events. In connection with this, a new swimming pool will be built and inaugurated during 2018.

Vordingborg Festuge

Vordingborg is also known for its party week, which has been around since 1980. Vordingborg Festuge is always held in week 28 and there is live music every day from Monday to Saturday, with well-known names from the Danish music scene. In addition, there are a lot of other activities of the week. The festive week is a huge addition and about 100.000 people visit the popular party week.

Wild Volcanoes Vordingborg

Another known event is Wild Volcanoes Vordingborg - a music festival for children that is visited every year by over 10.000 happy children from all over the country. It is a real festival with lots of music, both with the children themselves, but also big Danish names like Rasmus Seebach, Medina, Carpark North, Lukas Graham and many, many more. The festival is also known to have sold out in record time, usually a few days after this year's festival is held.

Geocenter Møns Klint

Vordingborg municipality covers a large area and Møn is part of the municipality. Here Møns Klint is a major tourist attraction and Geocenter Møns Klint is visited every year by many people from both home and abroad.


The area is also enriched with high-level gastronomy. In Præstø is Hotel Frederiksminde, which has been awarded a Michelin star since 2016.

Hotel Frederiksminde in Præstø (Photo: Kim Ingemann Erichsen, kim@peak.dk)

French Spring

Every spring you can experience French Spring in Præstø, which is a large market with a southern feel. Some nice days with lots of opportunities to shop, but also the opportunity to just be there and eat good food, hear music etc.

Waves Festival

Every two years (odd years) the theater Cantabile 2 organizes the international theater festival Waves in Vordingborg. It takes place for a whole week with many high-quality performances - from street theater to large productions. And the week always ends with a great, free performance that always impresses.

“Garden of Angels” performance at Slotstorvet in Vordingborg, Waves Festival 2017 (Photo: Kim Ingemann Erichsen)


STARS is a highly recognized, regional venue centrally located in Vordingborg. Here many concerts are held every year with both known and unknown artists. The place is recognized for its good sound and intimate atmosphere.